‘The Impressa’ by Sekisui House

Acclaimed architectural firm Sekisui House has just opened their very first display home in Canberra; naturally we couldn’t wait to take a look! We also got the opportunity to interview Sekisui House’s Director Mr. Kazunari Takayanagi to discuss the design and what Sekisui House is hoping to achieve for Australians through their homes.

With more than 2,000 stunning homes built across Australia, Sekisui House is quickly becoming a household name. Recently opened in the Wright Display Centre, “The Impressa” design display home from the Arise Collection is an open plan design built to capture natural light to create a comfortable living space. The varied and flexible living spaces and intuitive design are no accident, the whole home has been built to embody Sekisui House’s philosophy for how people should live in homes. Mr Takayanagi was happy to share a little about the design process:

“At Sekisui House, our aim is to provide better homes for Australian people. We understand that life revolves around the home, and we believe that great design can make a positive contribution to people’s lives.

Through years of experience and continued research, our in-house designers take the time to understand how families’ at all different life stages work, move, play, relax and entertain within their homes. And it’s this knowledge that has fuelled the development of our design features that aim to make a positive difference to our customer’s wellbeing at home.”

The home itself is stunning and you get the feeling that every single aspect of it has been carefully designed to improve the life of the residents, nothing in the house has been placed there to fill a space – everything works together to fulfil the overall purpose as a comfortable, safe, living environment.

The open plan design links a series of multi-purpose living spaces that can be adapted to suit the needs of whoever is living there. Depending on circumstances a room could just as easily be a bedroom as it could a hobby room, office or play area; and could be several over the lifetime of a family residing there.

The Impressa particularly excels in the small details – from the flush floor transitions between wet areas on the ground floors to the placement of light switches; you get the feeling that Sekisui House have thought of everything. The furniture shown with the house has been carefully selected from a range of sources, each piece individually chosen for its design aesthetic and ability to compliment the overall composition of the home.

Careful attention has also been given to environmental factors, paint low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) has been used as standard to protect both the environment and the health of occupants. Recycled materials have been used in the creation of the insulation, bricks and concrete and all softwood used is sourced from sustainably managed plantations, independently certified for compliance with the Australian Forestry Standard.

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