Creating an attractive and functional laundry space isn’t as difficult as you may think. Make your everyday chores easier and check out our guide to planning a practical laundry.

Size and Functionality

Before we get into the specifics, you need to consider size and functionality of your laundry. Think about the following:

  • The size of your laundry: Is your laundry as small as a cupboard, or do you have a whole room to work with?
  • The functions most important to you: Is space for a washer and dryer enough? Or, do you need space to hang clothes, too?
  • How much you have to spend: Are you completely making-over your laundry? Or, are you looking to make a few tweaks here and there?

The size will directly influence the functions your laundry can provide. For example, your laundry may not be large enough to fit an open ironing board, so you’ll need to implement an innovative storage solution and consider where else you can do the ironing.

If you do have a larger laundry, don’t go overboard. If you try to squeeze too many functions into the one room, it may become cluttered and disorganised.

Planning a Practical Laundry

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Of course, one of the main functions of any laundry is storage. We need room for our washing machine, washing detergent, fabric softeners, pegs, bleach, scrubbing brushes, old rags… and the list goes on. The trick to planning a practical, organised laundry is giving everything a home.

For smaller things, such as pegs and detergents, we recommend the following storage solutions:

  • Shelves. Shelves are a lifesaver, particularly in smaller spaces. Put shelves in cupboards and on your walls.
  • Wicker baskets or other containers. Now that you have shelves installed, you’ll need containers to keep your laundry products hidden and organised. Wicker baskets look far more attractive than bright detergent packaging, and will give your laundry a fresh, minimalist look.
  • Cupboards. To make your laundry even more minimal, have cupboards installed.

For larger things, such as washing baskets, washing machines and dryers, we recommend the following storage solutions:

  • Use wall space. Mounting your washer or dryer on the wall, or even stacking them on top of each other, will free up floor space in your laundry, making it appear larger.
  • Large baskets or cloth washing bags. Forget ugly plastic washing baskets; instead, opt for a washing basket solution made of a natural fibre, such as wicker or calico.

If you’re also looking to store or dry clothing in your laundry, consider installing an indoor drying rack.

Planning a Practical Laundry

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When it comes to small spaces, colour has a huge impact. As a general rule, light, bright colours make a space appear larger and more open, and dark, deep colours make a space appear smaller and more closed in. Colour can also have an impact on the feel or vibe of a room. Cool colours create a clean, fresh feel, and warm colours create a cave-like, cosy atmosphere.

So, when choosing a colour scheme for your laundry, keep it clean and fresh. Go for light, cool colours, such as light blues, sage green, and crisp whites. You can incorporate warm neutrals in the laundry décor, if you like. Avoid dark browns and deep oranges, as these will enclose the space.

Planning a Practical Laundry

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