When it comes to designing the interior of a home, the Nordic countries are ahead of the game. Simple, Nordic style has been spreading across the globe since Helsinki was named the World Design Capital in 2012. To stay on top of the clean cut style, follow these tips!

It’s all About Nature

The tendency to go green applies not only to your diet and habits, but also to the design of your home. Nordic design is all about natural light, natural colours, and open spaces, just like the outdoors. It also allows your space to be more versatile, especially if you don’t have much of it.

Nordic style is built with natural, sustainable materials. Rather than plastic furniture or carpeted floors, try using something organic, like wood. Instead of blocking off your windows and using fluorescent lighting, let the sun shine in.

Nordic Style: How to Get the Look!

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Let There be Light

In the Nordic countries, sunlight is abundant during the summer, but in the winter, it may only be around for a few hours a day, if at all. Nordic design promotes large windows that maximise natural light indoors, or the use of natural looking artificial light where large windows are not an option.

Sunlight is not only healthy, but it can open up a small space.

Colour Lightly

Choosing lighter colours, like pastels, and keeping a simple, neutral colour palette allows light to reflect, brightening a room and keeping it looking clean and simple. Nordic style promotes neutral colours in most areas, leaving room to accessorise and personalise with bright colours.

Nordic Style: How to Get the Look!

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Keep it Simple

One of the biggest parts of Nordic design is keeping things simple. Simple, neutral colours, large open spaces, clean lines, natural sunlight and functional furniture create a Nordic styled room. Keep furniture and fixtures simple and clean.

Simplicity means little clutter, a modern design with functionality in mind, minimalistic and usually, it’s easier to maintain and leads to a more versatile space.

Know Your Geometry

Nordic design incorporates large geometric patterns to add more colour and texture to a room or home. Mix designs by sticking to a single colour scheme, or add in various colours through a single geometric design.

Patterns can be found on furniture, dishes, fabrics, lighting fixtures, plant vases, and more. Choose the one that fits you!

Nordic Style: How to Get the Look!

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Personalise with Texture

It may seem like Nordic style can be harsh, between the hardwood floors, wooden furniture, geometric shapes and large windows. Adding other textures that suit your personality is one of the best ways to make a Nordic styled home feel more like home.

Wood and other organic materials are great for adding texture and warmth to your home. Try cotton, hemp, linen, leather, or fur for a rug, pillow, sofa, blanket, cushion, etc.

Make it Personal

Homes found online or in a magazine are always pretty to look at, but it’s not home unless you’ve added a touch of yourself. Colour and texture are the best ways to make Nordic design homey. Choose pieces that reflect your personality, and have fun with it.

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