Farmhouse chic – sounds almost like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Farmhouse is rustic and old, whereas chic is elegant and new. Somehow, the combination of these two styles is sophisticated, homely, and completely gorgeous.

What is Farmhouse Chic?

Farmhouse chic is the intertwining of the new and the old. It combines elements of traditional style, and modern design. It’s taking an old, beat up chair, and pairing it with a contemporary chrome lamp. It’s using mason jars as kitchen storage, and placing them in a line on the bench next to your brand-new, shiny food processor.

Farmhouse chic interior design incorporates rustic timber, dainty embellished furniture, light and neutral colour palettes, oversized vintage clocks, antique farm equipment, fresh flowers and herb pots.

Another crucial element of farmhouse chic is texture, which creates warmth and homeliness. With light, neutral colours (think off-white, beige, grey, eggshell blue), farmhouse chic relies on the details to build ambience. Worn timber, jute rugs, and burlap are examples of texture used in farmhouse chic.

Feeling Homey with 'Farmhouse Chic'

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How to Achieve Farmhouse Chic at Home

The fabulous thing about farmhouse chic is it is easy and inexpensive to achieve at home. Many elements of farmhouse chic are created using secondhand items. Check out local op shops and charity shops for worn furniture: side tables, chairs, stools, benches, trunks, and dining tables. These could be perfect as is, or a weekend DIY project could transform them into a stunning piece of furniture.

You may not even need to search the op shops. Instead, check out your garage, or the garages of family members. You’re sure to find a discarded table or chair to transform.

Keep an eye out for old window shutters. These are quintessentially farmhouse chic, and can be use for many purposes. Try using shutters as a feature headboard, or to create a rugged table runner. If you can’t find genuine antique shutters, purchase new ones and paint, stain and sand them to look rustic and old.

Feeling Homey with 'Farmhouse Chic'

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A farmhouse dining table is also used commonly in farmhouse chic design. These are available in many sizes and styles, but most are quite large and made of worn out, imperfect timber. Bench seating on one side, and a rustic burlap or window shutter table runner adds to the overall effect.

An easy project to create farmhouse chic at home is to install some wooden shelves in the kitchen, living room, or a bedroom. This style of shelving is reminiscent of shelving in an old barn. Purchase wooden shelves with knots and an uneven tone. Stack the shelves with eclectic plates, vintage teacups, hardcover books, vases of flowers, mason jars and antique-style clocks. Remember, farmhouse chic is all about the detail, so keep an eye out for bric-a-brac with rustic charm and vintage appeal.

Lastly, nothing says farmhouse chic like an old rustic sign. You can pick these up at antique stores and markets. Go for signs with striking typography, or images of farm animals. These old-fashioned signs look particularly good in the kitchen.

Feeling Homey with 'Farmhouse Chic'

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