When you’re decorating the interior of your home, it’s often the small things that can make the biggest difference. A fresh coat of paint can give a room an entirely new feeling!

Whether you’re on a budget, or you’re looking for a crafty new way to add some texture to your home’s interior, a rope vase is a simple, cost effective do it yourself decoration that looks professional and adds a pop of colour and texture to any room.

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A rope vase or rope jar can be used to hold utensils or remote controls, it can serve as a candle holder or flower vase, or it can stand alone to add some unique texture to any room in your home. This craft is chic enough to fit in with high end decor, and it is simple enough to add sophisticated glamour to any room on a budget.

A pre-made rope vase sells in various online shops for about $15, but you can make your own by reusing materials you may already have around the house. Affordable materials are also available at your local craft or home improvement store.

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Make Your Own Rope Vase

To make a rope vase or jar, all you need is glue (hot glue works best), rope, twine or yarn in the colour and texture of your choice, and a vase or jar to cover. A tin can, or any store bought or leftover glass jar will work, so choose the one that fits your personality, your decorating style and your budget.

Once you have gathered your materials, follow the steps below to create your new rope vase in about 15 minutes.

  1. To get started, turn your vase or jar upside down.
  2. Start at the bottom and secure the end of your yarn or rope to the bottom of the vase.
  3. Wrap the rope around the bottom of the vase, gluing at least every inch. Don’t add glue along the entire rope; if you do it could squeeze between the layers of rope and harden on the outside of your new rope vase.
  4. As you continue wrapping towards the top of the vase, add a little pressure to the rope for at least 5-10 seconds to allow the glue time to harden a little and prevent the rope from slipping as you continue.
  5. When you get to the top, cut the rope and secure it. The vase is ready to use as soon as the glue has hardened.

Not only is your new rope vase perfect for holding flowers, but it can add a pop of texture to an office as a pen holder, to any room as a storage container for chargers, to a bathroom as a potpourri holder, or to a shelf as a chic rope jar.

In any room, a personal touch, a pop of unique texture, and a versatile, functional piece of decoration can make a big difference. Remember that chic and sophisticated can also be affordable and crafty!

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