Harrison home takes a 360 approach to design

It’s very rare these days for a newly built home to stand out from the crowd.

With so many “mass builders” out there, it’s easy to forget that there are some very talented architects who actually take time to think about a property, the direction it is facing, and more importantly what the people living in the home actually want and need.

This property does stand out from the crowd, and has been considered with the homeowner in mind.

While still consistent with other adjacent homes, the property stands out from the crowd by its unique roofline, and well thought out mix of bricks, facade, glass and high-quality wood.  From a visual perspective it definitely works.

The entrance is the main feature and is where the eye is drawn.  Fully glassed, with a softer facade, it allows views inside to see a stunning single flight stair case, and impressive lighting features.  This promotes the feeling of space and also clean and crisp living.  There is also a certain feel of identity with the front entrance and the entrance hall.  They look and feel as if they belong together.

The polished concrete flooring adds a “hard” industrial feel.  However, this is softened by the spotted gum timber features that are shown throughout the house.  The outcome is a modern feel, that looks unique and industrial, but that can still be softened with the strategic use of rugs throughout the dwelling.  

The use of glass throughout the design is architecturally pleasing and the large glass windows enable a lot of natural light and heat into the property.

When first stepping foot in the house, you can’t help but notice the simple yet beautiful staircase. It’s modern and unique, and we just love it.

From an architectural perspective the property is stunning.  Glass, bricks, facade and high quality wood all seamlessly link together to create a visually stunning masterpiece.  Even the lines of the windows frames add a crispness and uniqueness to the property. 


Builder – 360 Building Solutions 



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